Red Flags in Hiring a Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company could be the best decision you would make – imagine not having to deal with the task of cleaning, and simply coming home to a dirt-free, organized, and clean-smelling home.

But, you have be careful in choosing a trustworthy cleaning company that will do the job for you. In selecting a cleaning company, you have to look for more than just experience and work quality, you also have to be selective in a company’s employee screening process.

Keep in mind that when you hire someone to clean your property, you are actually letting strangers get inside your home and have access to your personal belongings. So, it’s only practical that you be a little more scrupulous in choosing the people you let inside your house.

Here are some red flags you should be wary about before hiring a cleaning company:

When the cleaning company is unable to show proof of background investigation conducted on their cleaners.
Making sure that the company has conducted thorough background checks on their employees is one of the most important things you should do before hiring a cleaning company.

When the cleaners from the cleaning company don’t have bonding and insurance.
When something gets broken in your property while the cleaners are doing their job, or if the cleaner gets injured within your property while working, bonding and insurance will make sure that you are protected.

When the cleaning company is unable to provide a contract.
In any transaction, contracts are crucial. The cleaning company should be able to provide a written contract with the terms, rates, and other important conditions of the cleaning task they will do for you.

When the company isn’t straightforward about how they compute their rates.
A reputable cleaning company should be clear about their pricing, how their fees are computed, and what type of cleaning work will bring about additional charges.