House Cleaning

What to Expect from a House Cleaning Company

Countless house cleaning companies all over the world have been making the lives of homeowners a lot easier for decades. Imagine getting some time off from working at the office and doing some house chores – sounds really good, right?

If you haven’t tried hiring a house cleaner to help you clean your home yet, you might be missing out. I’m sure you feel you deserve some more time for relaxation.

Here are some of the things you can expect from a house cleaning company when you’ve hired their services:

Expect Standard Cleaning

While you can expect to come home to a clean home, you can’t expect your house to be deep cleaned. Not that house cleaning companies are not effective cleaners, but because thorough cleaning isn’t part of the service typically provided. You can still enjoy a thorough clean, but you have to specifically request for it. Keep in mind that cleaning companies do the cleaning within limited hours – the hours you are willing to pay. Therefore, they will try to clean your house as much as they can, it’s just that sometimes, the time they were given to clean your house are restricted.

They Will Not Babysit For You

Don’t forget that you have hired a cleaner, not a babysitter. So, if you are planning to head out while a professional cleaner is cleaning your home, take your kids with you. Leaving your kids behind might just result in the cleaner not being able to do their job well as children can get in the way of cleaning.

They Will Not Beautify Your Home

A professional cleaner will make your home clean, but will just stick to your home’s theme and styling as you have left it. Don’t expect them to redecorate or make some major changes in the furniture arrangement.

Cleaning Company

What to Look For In a Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies can just be like a gift from heaven – especially if you work full time and you’d like to spend more time taking a rest during your days off.

It can be very easy to find a cleaning company near you, as a matter of fact, you can find them almost in every neighborhood.

But of course, just because you have found a cleaning company doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to hire the first name you stumble upon. It would be a lot safer and more practical if you know what you should be looking for to determine if a company is reliable.

Just as you would if you were hiring other types of workers, you have to check for references from the cleaning company. Find out what the past customers have been saying about the service the company has provided.  Another idea is to get recommendations fro other businesses that utilize cleaning companies on a regular basis such as asbestos removal companies, banks, and home builders

Ask for more information as to how the cleaning company does their work. Do they have their own cleaning equipment, or are they expecting to use your cleaning tools instead? It might be better to hire a company that have their very own cleaning equipment as it shows how prepared the company is with every cleaning job they take.

If you have specific preferences when it comes to cleaning, such as using only eco-friendly cleaning products, ask the company if they can cater your specification.

Aside from looking for signs of high-work quality, you should also look for proof of integrity, security, and credibility of the workers themselves.

Look for proof of insurance and bonding for the employees for you to make sure that your property is well secured during the time of cleaning. The worker’s insurance will come in handy in case the cleaner has accidentally broken any of your belongings while cleaning.

Finally, but most importantly, look for proof of background investigations conducted about the cleaners. You have to ensure that the cleaner they will send to your property really are trustworthy.


Red Flags in Hiring a Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company could be the best decision you would make – imagine not having to deal with the task of cleaning, and simply coming home to a dirt-free, organized, and clean-smelling home.

But, you have be careful in choosing a trustworthy cleaning company that will do the job for you. In selecting a cleaning company, you have to look for more than just experience and work quality, you also have to be selective in a company’s employee screening process.

Keep in mind that when you hire someone to clean your property, you are actually letting strangers get inside your home and have access to your personal belongings. So, it’s only practical that you be a little more scrupulous in choosing the people you let inside your house.

Here are some red flags you should be wary about before hiring a cleaning company:

When the cleaning company is unable to show proof of background investigation conducted on their cleaners.
Making sure that the company has conducted thorough background checks on their employees is one of the most important things you should do before hiring a cleaning company.

When the cleaners from the cleaning company don’t have bonding and insurance.
When something gets broken in your property while the cleaners are doing their job, or if the cleaner gets injured within your property while working, bonding and insurance will make sure that you are protected.

When the cleaning company is unable to provide a contract.
In any transaction, contracts are crucial. The cleaning company should be able to provide a written contract with the terms, rates, and other important conditions of the cleaning task they will do for you.

When the company isn’t straightforward about how they compute their rates.
A reputable cleaning company should be clear about their pricing, how their fees are computed, and what type of cleaning work will bring about additional charges.

Homemade Cleaning

Cleaning Your Home with Homemade Cleaning Materials

Almost all cleaning agents on the market today swear claim that they are the best choice for you. And, with the continuous advancements in nearly every single thing we have today, it could be safe to say that some of these brands may actually be better than others.

However, better in cleaning doesn’t always mean safer for you and your family.

Sadly, some tough cleaners are indeed extremely tough that they can be abrasive not only to the surfaces they are meaning to clean. Some strong cleaning agents could be damaging to the people who are exposed to the presence of these products.

For this reason, so many homeowners prefer to buy exclusively eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning materials to clean their homes. Others, on the other hand, opt to create their own, homemade cleaning agents.

Creating your own cleaning material can be effective too; in addition, it can be a lot more affordable than purchasing commercial alternatives from various stores.

Here are some of the most commonly used homemade cleaning agents, and how to use them properly:

Vinegar and water for your tiled floors

Vinegar is among the universally used cleaning agents out there. Mopping your floors with one cup of vinegar mixed with a bucket of water can make your tiles looking new again. Don’t forget to dry your floors with a clean, dry cloth after, though.

Vinegar and liquid dish soap for your bathtub

Mix warm white vinegar with your trusted liquid dish soap. Apply a generous amount of mixture on your bathtub. Leave the mixture on your tub for around an hour then rinse. Your tub would look pristine after cleaning.

Baking soda and water as all-around cleaner

Like white vinegar, baking soda is a popular choice of countless homeowners when it comes to homemade cleaning agents. A tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a cup of water can be used to clean your kitchen counters as well as your fridge.